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Some guidelines you should know.

I am not Ryan Reynolds.
He is not my brother.
I am not related to his management.


I will never forget the moment when I saw “Van Wilder” at the cinema and I thought it was the worst movie I’ve ever seen and a painful waste of money. I would have never expected to become a fan of anyone who was involved in this.

In 2006 things changed when I watched “The Amityville Horror“. I was so impressed by Ryan’s performance, that I finally appreciated his other work and became a genuine fan. Since then I followed his career and on February 6th, 2008 my friend Debbi and I launched a German fan site for him. Debbi quit in 2009 and I continued running this site by myself. I also decided to share this fan site with the whole (English-speaking) world. Although I still feel a little uncomfortable writing in English, I translated the whole website. Ryan Corner became Ryan Reynolds Overdose.

The same year, in 2009, I had the chance to attend the German The Proposal” premiere in Munich. It was the first time I saw Ryan in person and it would not be the last time. Two years later I went to Berlin for the Green Lantern” premiere in Germany.

In 2015 I went to the “Woman In Gold” premiere at the Berlinale, sitting in front row and inappropriately filming the interview with my phone so I can share this experience with other fans. A few days later Ryan accidentally followed Ryan Reynolds Overdose on Twitter, which I am still excited about.


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