Ryan has three tattoos, I don’t know if there are more.

“Know Thyself”

On the underside of Ryan’s wrist there is a handwritten message with a star that reads “Know Thyself“. Ryan’s comment: “It was about disappointing my parents.

Nine O’Clock Gun

A drawing of the Nine O’Clock Gun, which is an old naval cannon that goes off every night at nine in Stanley Park in Ryan’s hometown Vancouver, Canada. “It�s a reminder to not get tattoos when you’re young. Usually it’s covered up.

Unknown Tattoo

Nikki from NYC emailed me and told me while watching “The Proposal” she might have found an unknown tattoo on Ryan’s body. It looks like 4-5 lines of writing in black ink going down his right thigh. Also there seem to be one line going horizontal.

Credits: Collider | enRoute Mag