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Canadian radio station changed name for Ryan

Next week Ryan is scheduled to visit Sudbury, Canada to film his new movie “Queen of the Night” (more info here). The whole city is excited about his visit and a local radio station even changed its name from “The New Hot 93.5” to “Ryan Reynolds 93.5” in order to honor Ryan’s visit. They actually included Ryan to their jingle, and keep repeating Ryan’s name in their program and if that wasn’t enough, they also changed their logo for one day. Listen to their station here.

The station posted a message on their Facebook page (which looks like a Ryan Reynolds fan page):

Matt and Sherri: Today The New Hot 93-5 has been flipped to RYAN REYNOLDS 93.5! The entire day is dedicated to Ryan Reynolds who has graced the beautiful city of Sudbury to film an upcoming movie.

While Ryan Reynolds 93.5 continues at formerly The New Hot 93.5- the staff is hoping for one thing. If Ryan does notice the station change- we invite that he come visit at 493 Barrydowne Road or call our studio at (705) 560-9350!


I guess you’re an A list actor if there is a radio station changing its name for you. 😉

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“The Croods” Trailer + Interviews

It was rather quiet about Ryan’s career the past months, but a while ago the “The Croods” trailer has been released which looks amazing! It opens 22nd March 2013 in the US!

Emma Stone & Ryan Reynolds talk “The Croods”
Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds Star in “The Croods”

Be sure to order the DVD or Blu-ray of “The Whalehere! It’s available worldwide!

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BOSS Bottled. Sports.

If you followed my tweets and messages on Facebook you already know that I was in Asia for the last two months, which is the reason why I updates this site on a irregular basis, but I am glad to be back! Take a look at the latest two Hugo Boos clips. There is a lot I have to catch up on. :)

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Just married – Blake and Ryan

Even though there was no official statement, it seems to be true that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively married on September 9, 2012! To be honest, I was extremely shocked when I heard the news, I did not expect that it all, but obviously they are very happy together and that is all that matters. I guess “Green Lantern” was the best thing that could happen to Ryan. :) I wish them all the best.

If you want to know more details on Blake, please visit my lovely elite affiliate Blake Lively Central.