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12 new Icons & TGAGAAPP Caps

[297] “Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place” Screencaptures – Episode 1×06

I totally forgot to mention, that Melanie donated an icon to this site! Unfortunately my Photoshop expired so I had to download Gimp, lol. It took me hours to make these messed up icons:

[01-01] Icon donated by Melanie <3
[02-12] Icons made with Gimp


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“The Proposal” Behind the Scenes released a funny behind the scenes video of “The Proposal“. Screencaptures can be seen in the gallery:

There also exists a real behind the scenes video:

ELLE and Ryan talked about his career and personal life! Read the full article here.

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Ryan presents MTV Movie Award

MTV Movie Awards 2009: Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is presenting at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards Sunday May 31st at 10 PM on MTV!

The Proposal” Co-Star Sandra Bullock was far from impressed with Ryan’s body: “Ryan’s surgically enhanced, overly tanned and a bit soft around the middle – and the back hair was a bit much to deal with. I’d put him at a four on a scale of one to 10.” — Source

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Scans: InStyle May 2009

InStyle did an interview with Ryan, you can read it in the latest issue!

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New Layout: Version 7

As you can see I put up a new layout. I love this shooting, so I had to create this design although the last one hasn’t been up very long.

Watch a new interview with Ryan:

You always wanted to know how they shot “X-Men Origins: Wolverine“? Watch these clips: