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Hugo Boss Magazine Ads

I found two Hugo Boss ads in the latest GQ issue.

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Nissan LEAF Video: The Outdoor “Gym” and Magazine Scans

Ryan describes his love of the outdoors, starting with his childhood in Canada, and how he uses the outdoors as his “gym” — whether hiking and walking in mountains around LA, or walking the streets of Manhattan.

My friend Nancy from @RyanReynoldsUK was so kind and scanned M&S ads for me! Be sure to follow her on Twitter and Tumblr!

More gallery additions:

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German Magazine Scans: “Joy” and “Jolie”

My friend Ina from donated a few scans to the site (thank you very much!)! Very interesting interviews, so I hope next week I will find a free minute to translate them into English.

On 12 September 2011 Ryan and Kevin Bacon were shooting scenes for their new movie “R.I.P.D.” in Charlestown. Kevin took one of his #ShootBack pictures of Ryan’s fans (at least that’s what he wrote, I can’t believe that the girls weren’t interested in Kevin Bacon!) that can be seen here. Please check the site’s Twitter for the latest movie locations.

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Fan Encounter with 15-year old Ryan Reynolds

My friend Ana found a blog entry a fan wrote a while ago that I’d like to share with you.

littlebitocd posted the picture of 15-year old Ryan and explained:

Back in the very early 90s, Nickelodeon tried an experiment, their first teen soap. Fifteen. At 1 and 5. Fifteen. At 1 and 5. Those ads were frigging omnipresent. I tried it, but to 11 year old me, it was hella boring. No idea that one of the hottest guys ever was hiding in polite Canadian obscurity. […]

This is taken at Nickelodeon Studios, part of Universal Studios Orlando, back in the days when they actually filmed things there (see the employee security badge on his hip?). And look, even took his hat off for the picture, isn’t that nice?

Katie, who is actually on the picture, said

We didn’t get autographs. Just a few quick photos and that was it. It was all pretty quick. No one else recognized him and he went back inside the studios. I wonder if we made his day? I bet we did. I remember that he was buying a t-shirt, but not sure if it was a Ren & Stimpy one.

It’s weird that I still remember most of that encounter. I remember him being really touched. I remember him being really nice. And I remember his voice, a little different from his voice now, but still the same. He was adorable.

Sweet huh? More information (and “Fifteen” clips I once uploaded on YouTube) here!

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M&S: Autograph Autumn Collection

Autograph embodies luxury and sophistication. The sleek, internationally chic collections are about strong architectural silhouettes, straight lines and attention to detail. Understated yet coolly confident, Autograph is for people who believe in investing in quality.

I added more M&S pictures to the gallery. The new Autograph collection is available in stores and online now! Order here.

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Ryan & Rosie Huntington-Whiteley new M&S faces

Ryan Reynolds and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are new M&S faces

The British high street is getting a large dose of A-list glamour this season, with M&S announcing that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Ryan Reynolds are the new faces of its autumn Autograph campaign.

Bringing a Hollywood touch to the fashion favourite, the first images of the gorgeous pair have been unveiled today, all shot by official BAFTA awards photographer Greg Williams at the St Pancras Grand in London.

Rosie and Ryan are the perfect fit for Autograph – beautiful, exclusive and absolutely contemporary. On set, they worked together to deliver a mesmerising performance which allowed us to capture shots that literally sizzle with excitement and an air of mystery,’ commented Steve Sharp, M&S Executive Director.

Speaking on his first M&S campaign, Ryan said: ‘I was thrilled when M&S asked me to be in their campaign and Rosie was a pleasure to work with. I’m from Canada and grew up with the M&S brand. Going into an M&S store with my family or friends always gives me a beautiful pang of nostalgia.

Rosie added, ‘I am extremely excited to be working with M&S on the new Autograph Autumn 2011 campaign. I feel proud to be associated with a British high street favourite that holds fond memories for so many people.


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Misc Gallery Update

I love my fast internet connection! So I spent a few minutes uploading another bunch of pictures today. Thanks to my wonderful friend from Mila Kunis Web, who donated a bunch of pictures. I still have to organize my files on my computer but there is even more to come!

[040] Photoshoots > Session 001 – January 2007
[011] Photoshoots > Session 004 – 2009 (Credit)
[001] Photoshoots > Session 007 – 2010
[006] Photoshoots > Session 008 – 2011
[003] Photoshoots > Session 009 – 2011
[003] Photoshoots > Session 010 – 2011
[040] 2007 Sundance Film Festival – “The Nines” Premiere – 21. Jan, 07
[033] “Celebrity Autobiography” – 7 Dec 2009