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Twitter + “Woman in gold” premiere pictures


I feel pretty dramatic right now, but Ryan is following Ryan Reynolds Overdose on Twitter! Which I am so excited about that I had to tell every person I could find and make as many screen shots as possible. As you know this site celebrated its 7th anniversary two weeks ago, I saw Ryan at the “Woman in gold” premiere last week and this week Ryan’s finger slipped and he is now following RR Overdose on Twitter! So many milestones for this site within a few weeks, wow!

Speaking of “Woman in gold” and “wow”. I finally added a few premiere pictures to the gallery. I didn’t take many pictures since my phone couldn’t handle my sweaty fingers, but you can find the better ones here:

[005] “Woman In Gold” World Premiere in Berlin – 9 Feb 2015

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Celebrating 7 years!

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Ryan Reynolds Overdose turned 7 today! Every year I am thinking “Whaaat another year?” and yes! It is funny that I feel like every year things do not change. I am still a huge fan, am running this website and I still cannot speak English properly. Congratulations Ryan, on your great movies, your beautiful and kind wife Blake, and on your daughter. ♥

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New Design: Version 16.0 + “Woman in Gold” pictures


I felt like it is time for a new fresh design. This one was made by Never Enough Design, thank you so much! It is better than anything I would have done, I especially like the details. Visit Never Enough Design if you are thinking of getting a new design for your site.

In order to celebrate the world premiere of “Woman in Gold” at the Berlinale on 9th February (more info here), I added a few “Woman in Gold” promotional pictures to the gallery.

[003] Woman in Gold (2015) > Promotional Stills

[062] Woman in Gold (2015) > Trailer

Another great news: I got a new team member! From now on PJ is helping me with the news. Maybe you already know her from her Twitter page @RyanReynolds247. I think she is doing a great job there, I love PJ’s passion and addiction to Ryan! So I am extremely happy to have her on board. <3

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New Design: Version 15.0


I am back with a new layout! The theme was made by Brxvxdo – I absolutely love the clean look.  I am currently revamping the whole content, so the only thing you will see for a few weeks/days is this news feed without the subpages. Make sure to follow me on Twitter @ryanreynoldsnet and Instagram @ryanreynoldsnet and Facebook /ryanreynoldsnet. By the way, I disabled the comments section because of the massive spam messages I am receiving. If you want to contact me please email or tweet me.

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Canadian radio station changed name for Ryan

Next week Ryan is scheduled to visit Sudbury, Canada to film his new movie “Queen of the Night” (more info here). The whole city is excited about his visit and a local radio station even changed its name from “The New Hot 93.5” to “Ryan Reynolds 93.5” in order to honor Ryan’s visit. They actually included Ryan to their jingle, and keep repeating Ryan’s name in their program and if that wasn’t enough, they also changed their logo for one day. Listen to their station here.

The station posted a message on their Facebook page (which looks like a Ryan Reynolds fan page):

Matt and Sherri: Today The New Hot 93-5 has been flipped to RYAN REYNOLDS 93.5! The entire day is dedicated to Ryan Reynolds who has graced the beautiful city of Sudbury to film an upcoming movie.

While Ryan Reynolds 93.5 continues at formerly The New Hot 93.5- the staff is hoping for one thing. If Ryan does notice the station change- we invite that he come visit at 493 Barrydowne Road or call our studio at (705) 560-9350!


I guess you’re an A list actor if there is a radio station changing its name for you. 😉

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Celebrating 4th Anniversary!

I cannot believe it, another year passed by! 4 years ago (yes, 4 years!) my friend Debbi and I started this page (read the full story here!) and concerning my fanatism nothing has changed. I am still all over Ryan Reynolds and it looks like I will never stop worshipping this very modest man (which means I will die alone hugging my computer). I am very proud of Ryan, he worked very hard for being there where he is right now, and I wish him all the best, and my way to show my love and support is through this little website.

Please don’t forget the following dates:

7 February 2012: US “Safe House” premiere in NYC
8 February 2012: Late Show with David Letterman, CBS
9 February 2012: Live with Kelly
9 February 2012: “Safe House” opens in Australia, Croatia, Russia, Singapore
10 February 2012: “Safe House” opens in Canada, USA, Spain, Turkey
21 February 2012: Celebrity Autobiography
22 February 2012: “Safe House” opens in France, Belgium
23 February 2012: “Safe House” opens in Germany, Hong Kong, Netherlands
24 February 2012: “Safe House” opens in Norway, UK
2 March 2012: “Safe House” opens in Italy
22 March 2012: “Safe House” opens in Argentina

I tend to be very nostalgic, so I put up some sort of a timeline with personal milestones that made me continue running this website. Continue reading Celebrating 4th Anniversary!

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People’s Choice Awards 2012 & Nissan LEAF

First of all, congrats to Ryan for winning the award for Favorite Movie Superhero at the People’s Choice Awards, for his role in “Green Lantern“! And, more importantly, thanks to all of you who voted. Without every single one of you it wouldn’t have been possible, this sounds cliché but it’s true, so thanks.

There is another Nissan Leaf video that I missed, watch here:

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2011 Ryan Reynolds Birthday Project

Ryan Reynolds’ 35th birthday is on 23rd October 2011 and in order to celebrate this day I’m planning an online birthday book. I want everybody to get involved and be a part of this! Show your love for Ryan by sending me your birthday greetings for Ryan and I‘ll make sure that he sees your messages.

You can write a poem, make a video, draw a sketch, record a birthday song, take a picture of yourself, submit a simple birthday note, tell your Ryan Reynolds story, … You can do anything you want to and you can send in as much as you want! Videos should already be uploaded on YouTube, MegaVideo or any host you prefer, and send everything to!

The best thing: I’m going to donate 1$/submission to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, so send me your work and be a part of this year’s Ryan Reynolds Birthday Project!

Deadline: 20 October 2011

I already received wonderful messages! Thank you guys! I am looking forward for more. Share this project on Facebook!