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Fame: Ryan Reynolds Comic Book


Ryan got his own biographical treatment in the Fame comic series in 2011. I treasured this issue for years, and I finally get to share it with you. Unfortunately my scanner broke, so I had to take regular pictures. Make sure to get your own issue. Fame is available on Amazon for $2.31!

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“Woman in Gold” world premiere @ Berlinale 2015

As some of you know I drove all the way to Berlin for the “Woman In Gold” world premiere at the Berlinale 2015. I did not have the chance to talk to Ryan but I went to see the movie, watch the video I made at the premiere above and Berlinale highlights here.

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Celebrating 7 years!

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Ryan Reynolds Overdose turned 7 today! Every year I am thinking “Whaaat another year?” and yes! It is funny that I feel like every year things do not change. I am still a huge fan, am running this website and I still cannot speak English properly. Congratulations Ryan, on your great movies, your beautiful and kind wife Blake, and on your daughter. ♥