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New Design: Version 16.0 + “Woman in Gold” pictures


I felt like it is time for a new fresh design. This one was made by Never Enough Design, thank you so much! It is better than anything I would have done, I especially like the details. Visit Never Enough Design if you are thinking of getting a new design for your site.

In order to celebrate the world premiere of “Woman in Gold” at the Berlinale on 9th February (more info here), I added a few “Woman in Gold” promotional pictures to the gallery.

[003] Woman in Gold (2015) > Promotional Stills

[062] Woman in Gold (2015) > Trailer

Another great news: I got a new team member! From now on PJ is helping me with the news. Maybe you already know her from her Twitter page @RyanReynolds247. I think she is doing a great job there, I love PJ’s passion and addiction to Ryan! So I am extremely happy to have her on board. <3